Edible Monterey Bay

I’ve been shooting for Edible Monterey Bay magazine for a few years now. I love the magazine and their assignments. A few favorites include profiles of UCSC Farm & Garden, backyard chickens, foraging with Big Sur salt, David Kinch and more.

Motion Pacific

Motion Pacific is a nonprofit dance studio and performance space in Downtown Santa Cruz. 

Periodically I take photos in the classroom that are used in brochures and on their website. Classes span all ages and dance styles. I also shoot some events and performances, and Santa Cruz Dance Week, which is produced by Motion Pacific. Motion is interested in photos that capture the culture of the studio, so I’m also encouraged to shoot behind the scenes.

Source: http://www.motionpacific.com/

Coastal Watershed Council

I love working with nonprofits and small businesses to develop images that help tell their stories. I have been taking pictures for Coastal Watershed Council for the past few years, creating images that have been shared over social media, in emails and annual reports.

They just upgraded their website, and it's fun to see some of these photos integrated throughout the site. 

The organization's mission is to reconnect healthy watersheds to vibrant communities, so we shot these staff photos with the San Lorenzo River in the background.

cwc staff portraits

I met up with the Watershed Rangers for a quick 10-minute shoot earlier this Spring at the spot where Branciforte Creek turns into an urban culvert. Many of the photos from that session have popped up on the website and in promotional emails.

Event photos are also shared over Facebook to extend visibility and engagement.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 12.45.00 AM.png
We love working with Crystal. She’s a joy to have at our events, she’s professional, knowledgeable and most of all - incredibly talented. When you put in so much time and energy to make an event great, it’s that much better knowing that the moments will live on so beautifully in Crystal’s photos.
— Laurie Egan, Outreach & Development Manager

Santa Cruz Public Libraries

I was hired by Santa Cruz Public Libraries and Miller Maxfield to create images for their Find Yourself in the Library campaign. 

The library was interested in sharing the variety of patron stories and programmatic activities occurring on a daily basis at the various branches. 

I spent a couple of weeks visiting the different branches and meeting patrons of all ages. It was inspiring to see the many services, activities and spaces that our libraries provide.

Miller Maxfield then designed and developed the campaign that utilized these images, which was shared on a number of platforms, including social media, buses, and ads in the local paper. 

And a short video was screened in local movie theaters.

Walking into this project I thought I knew a lot about the library's services, but I saw so many inspiring moments, so many packed rooms, and in particular so many engaged kids. I also got to see how the library reaches across the digital divide and language barriers that exists in Santa Cruz County. My favorite moment was watching the Bookmobile pull up to an apartment complex, and a group of kids run out to meet it, books in hand, shouting "The Bookmobile is here, the Bookmobile is here."

Crystal is easy to work with and efficient. She captured exactly what we hoped for in creative and attractive ways. Her images are of the highest quality and she remains the first photographer we think of whenever we have a documentation project.
— Janis O'Driscoll, Santa Cruz Public Libraries